The Black Knight Satellite

Dating as far back as 1960, this mysterious picture was taken before the inception of satellites now orbiting the Earth’s atmosphere. It might seem explanatory, but it becomes difficult to explain once matched with the timeline.

The Copper Falling Body

Not much is known about this picture, making it a mystery to explain. However, it is no news that the Copper family had decided to have a family shot after moving into their new home. But they never expected the falling body that appeared in the picture after it came out.

Elisa Lam

Though the picture appears modest, it has an alarming story behind it. In 2013, Elisa Lam was discovered lifeless in the water tank on the roof of a hotel. After much scrutiny, there was no foul play found. However, there was incredible elevator footage that showed Lam just before her death.

Freddy Jackson

Dating back as far as 1919, this photo shows Goddard Squadron honoring Freddy Jackson – a fallen member of the squadron – moments after his funeral.

A close observation of the picture would reveal a man standing in the background. Shockingly, the man was identified as Freddy Jackson by other squadron members.

Geophone Rock Anomaly

Remember the last mission to the moon? It was the Apollo 17 shuttle mission. The picture, taken on the mission, was thought to be blank at first. However, on changing the contrast, a pyramid-like structure was seen on the surface of the moon.

Hook Island Sea Monster

A couple on a visit to the hook island remained the only humans to have seen this 80-foot-long tadpole like creature. They took several photographs of the alleged picture in 1964, and it never resurfaced again

Soloway Firth Spaceman

This picture may seem weird in a way, but it is more of a mystery because the man who took the shot maintained that no one else was with her daughter when he took it. However, the 1964 picture showed what seemed like an astronaut or some sort of spaceman standing behind the man’s daughter in the developed picture.

S.S Watertown Ghosts

There are two faces hidden in this 1924 picture, supposedly belonging to two men who were buried at sea a few days before the shot. It was said that the men decided to stalk the ship after the alleged burial.

The Hessdalen Lights

Over time, the Hessdalen Valley in Norway has been a mysterious location for taking pictures. This is one of the many pictures taken there, which shows vibrantly colored lights. This scenario remains inexplicable, even with all scientific means.

The Babushka Lady

In 1963, when President John F. Kennedy was shot dead in his open-top car, there was a woman spotted in different photographs as well as footages. This woman was surprisingly taking some shots for herself. The fact that the woman continued taking the pictures while others were taking cover was shocking, but more surprising was the fact that the woman was never seen again after the incident and her photos were never recovered.