While we look all women with a sense of respect and appreciate their natural endowment, we have no choice but to notice a great butt, especially when in a yoga pant. Some might feel that we are sexist. This is outrightly wrong and misperception of our idea because all women tend to appreciate good compliments about their body, and no women will feel okay when she is body-shamed. Hence, it isn’t a crime to give great praise to a great body. This is even more commendable when you get to see an attractive body in tight fitted clothes like yoga pant – you have no choice than to look again and appreciate an exquisite beauty. While performing yoga, the yoga pant makes the art not only easy but also make the body feels better and attractive. In fact, there is a general belief that some ladies wear it out to enjoy being seen and win quite some attention.
That said, without prejudice to women’s right and with all due respect, we will highlight some of the celebrities that have blown men’s mind away than anyone else while in the yoga pant.

1. Jessica Alba, just at the age of 34 is an awe-inspiring beautiful woman with or without a yoga pant. And in this purple colored yoga pant, you have no chance than to accept she is just an epitome of beauty.

2. Perhaps all Jessicas’ are made for yoga pants. Jessica Biel looks absolutely amazing in yoga pants.

3. Kim Kardashian may not be your favorite celebrity, perhaps due to her media obsession. But you can’t dispute the fact that she is a jaw-dropping sexy woman you will want any day. While in those yoga pants, you will agree it only magnifies her beauty’s magnificence.

4. While slightly robust women rock yoga pants, the slim women slay in the pant too. An example is Zoe Saldana who seems to be even prettier with her yoga pants.

5. Take it or take it – you can’t leave it – Miley Cyrus nails it. She is an expert when it comes to showing off her super pretty body especially using yoga pants as the vessel. In styles, she rocks them far above par.

6. No one will dispute Kate Hudson’s beauty any time, and even without seeing her, you can imagine what she will look like inside yoga pants. And seeing her body with yoga pants? God forbids I put bad thoughts in your mind.

7. Talk about women who wear yoga pants out, you have to mention Anne Hathaway. She is just a beautiful woman with or without yoga, but while performing yoga or not, you wouldn’t want to miss seeing her body in yoga pants.

8. Kristen is an amazing example of a short woman that rocks yoga pants, though not as full figured as some, her body rocks a pair of yoga pants than many.

9. Hayden Panettiere is a celebrity that shows off a gorgeous body in yoga pants, even while on some TV show. If you don’t like watching her on a show, you will definitely not want to miss when she is in yoga pants.

10. Another celebrity with an absolutely exquisite body is Vanessa Hudgens since her time of high school musical days. Presently, she slays with yoga pants like no other.

11. Jen Selter; a true definition of one who is made for yoga pants. Any time you see her in yoga pants, you are bound to be amazed.

12. For some, age has never dented their beauty – the fine wines. Such fine wine is Jenny McCarthy, who is also another gorgeous celebrity. She is 43years old and still slays in yoga pants any day, any time.

13. Many believe that Jennifer Lawrence does not regularly work out. Who cares? As far as she rocks in yoga pants, that’s what matters.

14. Katy Perry is a musician with class both with music and gorgeous body. With her illustrious butt, her singing is even better.

15. Lastly, Mila Kunis is a quintessence of beauty that defies any description. Just look and wow.