Several additional benefits come with a status of celebrity. In addition to free swag, you enjoy a considerable amount of fame and free entrance to exclusive parties and clubs. Likewise, you will be entitled to trendy outfits and some good money.
However, it might interest you to know that not all star got their money from doing music or action movies. Some stars were already rich, several years before they got into the limelight.
Here is a list of 16 of such celebrities who got wealth before fame smiled on them. You are in for a run of surprises, all you need to do is read on!

1. Anderson Cooper

The business of news is what Anderson Cooper is well known for. Apart from being one of the most renowned names in the industry, Anderson Cooper has served as an intern for the CIA. He was the pioneer of the Channel One news station, which is widely seen across many schools today.
With such a successful stint in the news world, you will be surprised that he is the grandson of Gloria Vanderbilt. This means one thing – he grew up in money – and as of today, he is worth a whopping 100 million dollars.

2. Paul Giamatti

Yes, Actor-per-excellence is a befitting title for Paul Giamatti. He has successfully killed big roles in many movies. But are you aware that Paul’s dad was a star too? I bet you don’t. Paul Giamatti is the son of Bar Giammati, a renowned baseball player. In fact, his father served as the commissioner of the National League before moving the ranks to become the commissioner of the whole Major League.
The status of Paul’s father ultimately gave young Paul the best platform to pursue his career in acting. Currently, Paul Giamatti is worth over 25 million dollars. Astonishing, you say?

3. Adam Levine

Perhaps you have seen him on one of his topless magazine photos, or watch him play with his rock band Maroon 5; or his spot on The Voice – the popular TV show? Well, that is not all about Adam Levine. Interestingly, he had money in the bank before he achieved the status of a superstar.
Adam’s father and uncle were both rich. In fact, his father owned several stores, while his uncle was a successful author. So it is wrong to see Adam Levine as one of those grass-to-grace musicians, even though he has a current worth of 35 million dollars!

4. Taylor Swift

Undoubtedly one of the most famous names in the pop world, Taylor Swift would still have been quite alright if she hadn’t ventured into music. Coming from such an important background, you can say Taylor has been in serious money all along. I bet you do not know; that her great, great grandfather and great-grandfather, and even her grandfather were all bank presidents. Her father is also a financial advisor. So you see why relocating to Nashville from Pennsylvania was never a problem for her parents.
That relocation would prove to be one to help Taylor to her musical stardom, and Taylor Swift is now worth 105 million dollars.

5. Miley Cyrus

Forget about the fact that she acts crazy while in the act. Miley is far doing well for herself financially. Her already successful acting career with Hannah Montana was used to her advantage, as she tows in the line to become a super-successful music star.
For Miley, music, fame and cash run in the family. Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, was the writer and performer of the 1992 smash hit song – Achy Breaky Heart. That single hit fetched his dad a mouth-watering amount of money.
The latest reports in circulation suggest that Miley Cyrus is worth a staggering 150 million dollars. It is no surprise she acts a little bit weird most of the times, then!

6. Psy

Psy is most likely one of the shockers on this list. With a hit song that literally broke the internet, Psy needs no introduction. The track, Gangnam Style, surpassed the 2 billion view mark and this alone was enough to fill his pockets over the brim. However, Psy was a rich guy before his record-breaking hit.
His dad held an executive role at a manufacturing company that specializes on semiconductors, and there were already rumors making the rounds that, even if Psy hadn’t gone ahead to get rich from music, he has already been lined up as to make a return to his father’s former position.
Perhaps that would not happen any time soon, but Psy currently has a net worth of 25 million dollars.

7. Lady Gaga

There are a few female pop stars on this list already, and adding Lady Gaga will not be bad. Maybe she had one time, or another showed you or made you think her parents were poor, but in reality, they were actually from the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
It has been proven and tested, that inhabitants of this side of town are never poor. Though she dresses most times crazily, Lady Gaga can conveniently buy whatever she wishes to wear. What outfit would cost than her net worth of $190 million after all?

8. Ronin Thicke

Though well known for his smooth and sexy voice, that is not all about Robin Thicke. He is the son of actor Alan Thicke, who played the role of dad on the hit show – Growing Pains. While his popularity may have reduced a bit in the United States, he is still very famous in Canada.
With such a background, it’s no surprise that Robin is already in money before coming into the limelight. His net worth is reportedly around the region of 15 million dollars.

9. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Though every celebrity on this list is rich, Julia is undoubtedly the richest. With starring roles in Seinfeld and the HBO comedy – Veep, one might tend to think that that is where she made all her fortune. But she definitely had other means. Though acting made her 200 million dollars richer, her family money contributed to her wealth also, immensely.
Her father is William Louis-Dreyfus, who chaired one of the biggest energy companies for a long time. You will sure be choked with shock, when you discover that Julia is worth an unbelievable $3.4 BILLION dollars in net. Yes, she is!

10. Jake Gyllenhaal

Stephen Gyllenhaal, a renowned film director has a son – Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake’s mother is also an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, so you see where the monies are coming in?

11. Edward Norton

Ed’s dad was an environmental lawyer, who had several successful outings as a federal prosecutor during the Carter administration.

12. Nicole Richie

You obviously know Lionel Richie – the singer whose first album went four times platinum. She adopted and raised Nicole Richie, a year after her birth.

13. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is the daughter of the renowned attorney, Robert Kardashian, who notably defended O. J. Simpson in the murder trial of Nicole Brown Simpson. That is not all, Robert is a co-founder of the trade publication Radio and Records, a company they later sold for an enormous profit.
Kim’s stepfather, Bruce Jenner, was the popular winner of the 1976 Olympic decathlon. Though a significant amount of Kim’s money comes from music, she sure has some family influence on her wealth.

14. Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones’ mother is no other than the “The Mod Squad” actress, Peggy Lipton. Her father is the record producer and media mogul, Quincy Jones, whose estimated net worth is $310 million real dollars!

15. Chevy Chase

Chase is popular for acting. As an actor who has been around for almost forever, he had handled big roles in top movies like Fletch. Also, his involvement in the show business over decades has also given him an opportunity to amass some real money.
But it does not stop at that; the Chevy Chase family consists of influential and wealthy individuals, ranging from magazine editors to World War II admirals, opera singers, heir to The Crane Company and even a concert pianist. With such a ‘squad,’ life can only get better for Chevy Chase. He is reportedly worth 50 million dollars.