Haircuts and hairstyles for older ladies are not all about following trends anymore, you know yourself and what is best for you. Sometimes its useful to gather inspiration for a change from those who wear it best. Here are 19 of the classiest hairstyles modelled by some of the most beautiful older ladies.

19. Backcombed Outgrown Pixie

Backcombed pixie cut is just an exceptional hair outlook when it is cut low or while just growing out. When combed back, the pixie cut looks stylishly brilliant.

18. Feathery Layers

The aslant segment, the unbalanced bangs, and the layered skilfully crafted into layers with a razor, all make the Liza Rinna’s hairstyle concept outstanding.

17. Full Bangs

A hairdo similar to those of Emma Thompson, the succulent fringes provide the perfect shape to save the short haircut from looking boyish.

16. Romantic Loose Curls

Romantic loose curls are extremely priceless hairdo in terms of longevity and youthful appearance. For instance, Michelle’s loose curls are the classic variant of the hairdo that looks astonishing on anyone

15. Layered Bob

This is specifically befitting for 50 plus of age women. Despite the fact that it comes with a low care attention, it is a hairstyle that can be rocked for a long time. It just looks beautiful on all bearers.

14. Short Crop with Side Bangs

If you crave for an attention-generating hairstyle at old age, then settle for short crops with side bangs. It is always on point. It allows you to keep your style simple and ladylike with a long downward bang. The fringes can be tucked behind the ear or allow to free downward.

13. Michelle Obama’s Curly Bob

This is an elegant hairstyle that is a signature of an elegant woman like Michelle Obama. Whether with wavelike hair or straight hairs, the short hairdo always looks stylish and feminine.

12. Nicole Kidman’s Updo

With a black tie dress code, Nicole Kidman’s updo is the most befitting hairstyle that graces your head exceptionally for any ceremony.

11. Viola Davis’ Sleek Bob

When you want a hairstyle that requires less attention from you, then the smooth and shinning bob’s style is your best choice.

10. Short Pixie Haircut

For women who have grey and thin hair, short pixie haircut will beautify your hairs and bring the best out of them. It is also simple and easy to maintain.

9. Short Fine Hair

It is good to look beautiful and inspiring to others. If you agree, then, the Helen Mirren’s platinum-grey low hairdo is one of the best available hairstyles you should settle for.

8. Flippy Lob

The Melissa’s lob looks skillful and luscious as the lob’s end is turned over and the fringes flipped out.

7. Sweet Shoulder-Length Curls

With Susan’s reddish-brown shade, her cute curls and side-combed fringes look astonishing and youthful.

6. Piecey Pixie

Through the flaxen highlights that enrich the texture of Ellen’s hair, her pixie never looks old nor her body.

5. Side-Swept Crop

As shown by Carrie-Anne’s haircut, asymmetry can be pleasing to any eyesight. With the way she flipped one side and made it lustrous on the other, it just looks too perfect.

4. Beachy Lob

Meg Ryan hairstyle is an example of how the flaxen, long and wavy look can be pretty when the hair is not excessively long.

3. Sculpted Bob

If you desire to look exquisitely unique with a short hairstyle, then, the wavy fringes that reveal the forehead is a perfect option.

2. Face-Framing Layers

Lisa’s hairstyle is an exceptional hairdo as the short layer improves the jawline and her skin color is perfectly in line with her blond hair.

1. Oprah Winfrey’s Curls

By reaching the shoulder bone, Winfrey’s long curls look so pleasing. Although it is bound to look twice as long as it seems when flattened, but yet, it’s simply amazing.