There are several ways to describe fame. Looks, on the other hand, is more defined. If you are not good-looking, then you are not, it is not a function of whether you are straight, gay, bi, or trans. Ordinarily, you would expect beauty to go with fame; however, that is not always the case, with many disturbing exceptions as evidence.
Celebrities are not left out in such exceptions. In this piece, we have identified fifteen of the ugliest but celebrities, who in spite of their ugliness, take no exception to taking photographs in public.

1. Donatella Versace

Versace is probably on this list because of her great designs, after all, they look better than she does. Apart from her disastrous complexion, Donatella offers an unimpressive extra-toothy smile and an overall horse-like face.
If it comes to a beauty check-list, there is no doubt Donatella would not have any checked from her looks. Undoubtedly, she makes mostly gorgeous dresses. But one cannot help but wonder why she cannot make herself so gorgeous.

2. Lady Gaga

Yes, she has topped, and still tops quite a lot of charts, but there is something, or everything, off about her looks. Interestingly, Lady Gaga seems quite unbothered with the absence of an apparent outward beauty. She only works with what she has, and that has never failed her.

3. David Schwimmer

The popular Ross character in the movie – “Friends” certainly finds life unfair, having been stuck with such a face. He seems to have some innate vague and horse-like features. Perhaps, that is why he landed the nerdy lovelorn loser character, Ross, seamlessly.
Hence, when fans finally learned that Schwimmer has started undertaking behind-the-camera roles in the industry, it was not so much surprising.

4. Mick Jagger

Jagger’s ugliness could make him easily pass like the twin brother of Lily Tomlin if she had one. It is almost impossible to fathom that the Rolling Stones front man has been laid in such multiple times. However, he remains the voice of a generation. Perhaps, most people have expected him to get better with age, and Mick Jagger had dashed such expectations.
He has been consistently ugly.

5. Tori Spelling

Tori still spots the same blonde hair and almost the same face from her days on “90210”. Having undergone so many operations, it is a bit unexpected that she would still retain as much of her natural facial features.
Maybe it is time Tori stopped going under the knife, after all, she is not as bad as before.

6. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Popularly called the “Lion Woman of New York,” Wildenstein is one of the wealthy socialites of the New York City. She is also popular for her obsession with plastic surgery, which has got people talking. Some even suggested her face and brow enhancements, chin restructuring, cheek implants and eyelids maneuvering are the reason behind her cat-like and creepy facial appearance.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker

There is no doubt about Sarah’s talent, and her role in HBO’s Sex And The City, and other movies, is a pointer to this fact. However, many are of the opinion that her talents would suit the radio more, or better still a farm with horses. She is indeed not fit for the TV role!

8. Pete Burns

For the records, Burns is the lead singer for the Dead or Alive – the eighties band that delivered the smashing hit, You Spin Me Round. With discouraging looks, Burns settled for the plastic surgery option. And he had vowed never to stop, even though he got the unexpected in a botched nose job which rendered him incapable of wearing sunglasses evenly. Though he denied being addicted, waving off the process as just getting a new sofa every few years.

9. Adrien Brody

Adrien’s nose is hooked; this, combined with his bird-like and bony features, ultimately makes him unfit for any camera lens, irrespective of the shooting angle. One could say Hollywood is one of the shallowest places in the world, but winning an Oscar doesn’t really add or remove from an invisible beauty.
It is most likely that Adrien Brody is still one of the most sought-after faces in the industry, but only for ugly roles.

10. Miley Cyrus

Perhaps, being an adolescent was enough reason everybody overlooked Miley’s looks then. But since then, the million-fan fame her Hannah Montana alter-ego has fetched her has waned. Many even believed she engage in her half-clad “twerking” antics in the bid to distract people from her ugliness.
True or not?

11. Seth Rogen

Though there are several comic roles to his credit, Seth has not been successful in his quest to make so many people laugh. His awkward characters only highlight his ugliness most times, especially while on the screen. This world indeed does have few people who have it all, and Seth is not one of these privileged souls.

12. Michael Jackson

Michael is one of those cases that make you doubt if plastic surgery is actually what they say it is. While many expected him to come back bigger and better, Michael came back with an awful complexion. With inaccurate nose and chin jobs, he effortlessly spotted the appearance of a frightening cartoon character.
As many would say, the King of Pop failed to call time on his under-the-knife trips at the right time.

13. Lara Flynn Boyle

From her captivating smile to adorable freckles and simple looks, everyone loved the Stacy they saw in Wayne’s World. This makes people wonder why she disliked her freckles so much to have them removed entirely. However, we are sure of the presence of Botox in most parts of her face. Also noticeable is her larger-than-normal lips and seemingly weird-shaped eyes.

14. Joan Van Ark

Remember her from the television show – Knot’s Landing back in the eighties and early nineties? Joan Van Ark has been gracing screens since then. She was Valerie Ewing on this spin-off from Dallas. But it seems Joan has chased the glamorous life of her character in reality, and she did to a frighteningly unhealthy extent.

15. Rosie O’Donnell

Rosie lacks not only beauty but also character. She doesn’t care about her actions, and the same goes for her looks. She finds peace in donning men’s sports coats, which in a way or another complement her jowls and man-like facial features. She is also not lacking in height, the same way she has extra width.

16. Nicolas Cage

Apart from his disappointing results at the box office, there is another thing to dislike about Nicolas – his looks. There is no doubt about his acting prowess, but he is painfully under-equipped for such leading roles. Many find his acting as eye-sore as his looks.

17. Rachel Dratch

Rachel can make you laugh all night long, but it does not go past that. She is simply unattractive. With creepy Saturday Night Live characters, one finds it hard to believe she has such honors for her talents. Rachel’s looks can definitely mean an all-day Halloween, for her of course.

18. Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra starred in “The Closer”, and combining this fame with the one her marriage with super hunk Kevin Bacon fetched her, she is absolutely famous. With this said, it is still a little mystery how Kyra has managed to stay in marriage till now. Most certainly, she has other talents apart from acting.
She is ugly, and if that is the new sexy, then she is the pioneer!

19. Mickey Rourke

Mickey once holds the reputation of being one of the best-looking men in Hollywood. With surgeries that were medically necessary, it still bothers us why he appears in such a way that earned him a place on this list. Perhaps, the doctor had a different plan while doing those surgeries. Though Mickey is back on the screen, we are still concerned about his strange-looking face.

20. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay is notorious; judging by the more than few court appearances to her credit. She has appeared more in court than on the screen, with a couple of brutal mugshots to show for it. She is now dubbed “the good-gone-bad girl” of Hollywood. This title is further buttressed by her partying ways which has given her the mid-thirties look, even though she is in her mid-twenties.