Banterbox brings you 23 celebrities all with something in common which is also rather uncommon. They all have unusual body parts. So while they are all gorgeous in their own rights, many of them also have hiiden secrets just like the rest of us. Find out here….

Megan Fox – clubbed thumbs:

Megan Fox, the famous Transformers movie star possesses clubbed thumbs, and this is a disorder known as brachydactyly. She has short thumbs and abnormally large nail even though they function well. According to her, they are very fat and look weird.

Harry Styles – four nipples:

It is surprising to know that the member of the music group, One Direction has four nipples on his chest. According to him, he opined that he must have been a twin and it is likely his other one had disappeared and left behind his nipples.

Denzel Washington – crooked pinky finger:

The popular Hollywood figure has an appallingly crooked right pinky finger. While he was a kid, he broke the finger, and the finger has been bent 45 degrees at the bottom knuckle since then.

Lily Allen – third nipple:

Under her left breast, Lily has a third nipple.

Vince Vaughn: Right thumb:

He also lost the tip of his right thumb in a car accident he survived as a kid.

Gerard Butler – sticking-out ear:

After undergoing a surgical operation as a kid, Gerard has an ear that keeps on sticking out. He even said makeup artists have had to literally glue the ear down to ensure it does not appear.

Jennifer Garner – overlapping pinky toe:

Jennifer has brachymetatarsia, an overlying pinky toe.

Ashton Kutcher – webbed toes:

The left foot of this talented actor has webbed toes.

Mila Kunis – different-colored eyes:

The color of her eyes changed when she was affected by chronic iritis, an iris inflammation, which was corrected with a surgical procedure. Mila has one green eye and one brown eye.

Daryl Hannah – missing finger:

Daryl was involved in an accident at the age of three where she missed the tip of her left hand’s index finger. In some of her films, she had to wear a prosthetic finger.

Matthew Perry – missing finger:

Perry also lost the tip of his right hand’s middle finger when it was caught in a door when he was a child.

Seal – facial scars:

Discoid lupus erythematosus causes the scars on the face, an autoimmune ailment he suffered as a teenager.

Ke$ha – vestigial tail:

According to her, Ke$ha claimed that she was born with a vestigial tail. We are yet to see the confirmation with a picture.

Elizabeth Taylor – freaky eyelashes:

At birth, she was diagnosed with a mutation in the FOXC2 gene, and this led to a double layer of eyelashes around her eyes.

Elizabeth Berkeley – half and half eye:

Her right eye is partly brown and green.

Joaquin Phoenix – facial cleft:

Joaquin was born with a facial scar known in the medical field as a microform cleft.

Shawn Marion – deformed pinky:

The famous basketball star has an awful deformed pinky which is a result of several fractures and breaks sustained from his career.

Kate Bosworth – heterochromia:

Due to a non-threatening condition known as heterochromia, the actor has two different-colored eyes. She wears a contact lens in most of her movies to make both eyes the same color.

Forest Whitaker – lazy eye:

Forest has a lazy eye that inhibits him from having a full muscle control over his eyeball and eyelid.

Stephen Colbert – weird ear:

He has a strange looking ear as a result of an ear tumor he suffered at the age of ten. His right ear became deaf as the surgical operation had a negative impact.

Padma Lakshmi – arm scar:

Padma Lakshmi had a big scar on her right arm when she was involved in an accident when she was fourteen years old. The impact was severe to the extent that her arm was crushed and her right hip was broken. The actress and former host of Top Chef were able to use her arms and hips after corrective surgery was carried out but the massive scar on her right arm is still there.

Zac Efron – third nipple:

The hottie from the High School Musical series was born with a vestigial, also known as a third nipple. We have checked, but it seems the nipple has been removed.

Tina Fey – cheek scar:

As a kindergarten student, she got a slashing from a stranger, and this has left an injury on her cheek. The creator and writer of 30 Rock do not discuss the matter a lot but unravel the leading cause in her autobiography.

Kate Hudson – extra toe:

It seems the Oscar-nominated actor may have had the eleventh toe on her left foot, but she is yet to confirm or deny the report.

Taye Diggs – extra fingers:

As a baby, the good-looking actor had extra fingers, but he had to undergo a surgical operation to have them removed.

Jane Seymour – heterochromia:

She has one brown eye and one green eye. This condition is also known as heterochromia.

Andy Garcia – undeveloped conjoined twin:

Andy was born with an embryonic conjoined twin. As soon as Garcia was born, the other fetus was removed.

Carrie Underwood – third nipple:

She confirmed that she had just removed a third nipple and it is not something to worry about, as it looks like a mole.

Karolina Kurkova – no bellybutton:

As an infant, Karolina went through a surgical procedure for an umbilical hernia which results in the absence of a belly button.

Tilda Swinton – third nipple:

Tilda also possesses a third nipple which she usually calls the “witch’s mark.”

Mark Wahlberg – third nipple:

Under his left nipple, you can see another nipple in this attached image. In an interview with the Rolling Stone, he said “I’ve come to embrace it. That third nipple is my cherished possession.”

Lebron James – weird toes:

The overlying toes of this NBA star look like they do not have sufficient space on his feet; it is quite surprising that he wears a size 15.

Oprah Winfrey – weird feet:

Her toes look like they look squeezed in tight shoes. As a billionaire, she has enough to spare on comfortable shoes.

Dan Aykroyd – webbed toes:

The favorite Ghostbusters star has combined toes as his feet have the second and third toes merged.

Joanna Krupa – third nipple:

The Real Housewives diva also has a third nipple. The nipple is not showing in this bikini.

Drew Carey – eleventh toe:

In his biography, the comedian disclosed that he was born with six toes on his right foot.

Gemma Arterton – (former) extra fingers:

She was born with extra fingers, but they were removed when she was born. Her family members also have a similar condition.

Patricia Heaton – missing navel:

Patricia had a tummy tuck after giving birth to her four children through the cesarean section and does not have a belly button anymore.