Here is a list of twenty-four celebrities whose philanthropic works have been known on the social media space. Every famous individual in this list is an active contributor to charitable causes. Their financial support, voice, and intellectual works have offered succor to millions of people across the globe.


Hugh Hefner is a philanthropist par excellence as he is known for various philanthropic causes. The CEO of Playboy created the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation in 1964 to cater for the empowerment of the individual rights of the people within America’s democratic society. His foundation provides grants running into hundreds of thousands of dollars; the essence of the fund is to offer protection for the civil liberties of the American citizens.


Lindsay is a supporter of several charities around the world. She is fully occupied with philanthropic activities across the globe. She has been giving to the less privileged in the society as she has donated blankets and cash gifts to the needy. Most people are suspicious of her means of livelihood even though she has stayed committed to the good cause over the year. Recently, she offered blankets for sale at the rate of $3,500 each, but most people differed that it would be an excellent idea for the public to donate a blanket sold for six dollars that will serve a similar purpose instead of receiving money from the affluent persons alone.


In the last twenty years, the Herb Alpert Foundation has been making a tremendous impact in transforming the lives of people. He offered cash to the arts as a means of providing support for the careers of budding young artists. As a veteran of the arts, Herb has received accolades for his various charitable contributions towards the development of artists.


He has shifted his attention towards assisting the Humane Society of the United States. His major focus is to put an end to dog fighting across America, and advocating for stiffer penalties against offenders.


Mel Gibson is a great giver as he has donated large sums of money to charitable causes. He is also considered a mega spender who devotes his time to different charities like Declare Yourself, Healing The Children, and the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. The Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles got a cash gift of five million dollars to offer medical care for kids in foreign countries.


A socialite who has been at the forefront of philanthropic activities, Kim has positively used her influence for charity as well. Each year, she donates ten percent of her earnings to charitable causes as well as advocating for more charitable causes.


The erstwhile Nebraska Cornhusker, Ndamukong Suh was named the most charitable athlete in the United States. He contributed the sum of two million, six hundred thousand dollars to the University of Nebraska and it has remained the highest donation offered by an alumnus of the institution.


The late former Toronto Mayor also contributed his share to the lives of other people. His foundation, the Rob Ford Football Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization aimed at offering help for the residents of Toronto community.


Christian is a major supporter of numerous charities such as Greenpeace, The Small Steps Project, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and the WWF. Christian and his wife are members of the Board of Trustees of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.


Matthew McConaughey is a celebrity that really cares about the people in need. He has consistently shown his humane side on countless occasions. After the incident of Hurricane Katrina, he was found saving the lives of pets across the submerged New Orleans city. He was presented with the award for the Creative Conscience Award from Unite4Humanity in 2016. Matthew was given the award as a result of his contributions of his “Just Keep Living Foundation”, a group focused on helping teenagers lived up to their potentials and achieve their dreams and lead better lives.


Simon Cowell ranks higher among the top donors in the United Kingdom. According to a report, Simon has contributed £1.6 million in the last one year and this has earned him a spot in the list of the top 165 charity donors. He offer support for the Katie Piper Foundation, Children’s Hospices UK, and also serve as an animal rights activist for PETA.


Irrespective of his reputation as a legendary rocker, he still possesses a heart that cares. He has contributed immensely to various charities over the years and shown his support. Recently, he auctioned his personalized macabre-style 1967 Ford F-100 truck to raise money for the Puppy Rescue Mission.


For more than three decades, this country music star has been offering help to charities. Willie also sang in the song, “We are the world” 1984, he is busy hosting various events to raise money for the needy.


Chris Brown has a foundation called “Symphonic Love”. This group provides support and creates art programs for the youth. He ensure he donate one dollar from each royalty realized from his entire song collection through this foundation.


His nickname is Larry the Cable Guy, his real name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney. He created the Git-R-Done Foundation in collaboration with his wife. The foundation was able to raise six million dollars for various charities around the United States in the first two years of its creation.


As the popular creator of the “Family Guy,” “The Cleveland Show,” and the “Family Guy,” Seth was seen in the nooks and crannies of the country at colleges advocating for gay, animal, and human rights. He also exhibited his commitment to the children’s welfare by contributing one million dollars for a Kickstarter campaign aimed at bringing the popular kids’ show, “Reading Rainbow”.


Marshawn Lynch has become a powerful force to liaise with both on the field as well as off field. He has contributed significantly to the development of his community. He created the Fam 1st Family Charity to empower the youth and give the chance to the underprivileged to develop academic learning skills.


Russell Brand does not hold anything back when he is giving out to charitable causes. Recently, he offered his café to charity as a gift. He also donated his Trew Efa Café in Houston to a charity to assist former prisoners who are dealing with substance addiction.


Seth Rogan and Lauren Miller Rogan started the Hilarity for Charity movement to increase the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease among younger people. The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Relief Grant Program by this movement offered more than 86,000 hours of in-home care to individuals who could not afford the service.


Miley Cyrus founded the Happy Hippie Foundation, and a cheerful giver to groups such as The Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the Amnesty International. The focus of the Happy Hippie Foundation is to offer inspiration to the youth as well as offering a peaceful outreach program for the needy. Suicide has been named the second leading cause of death among youth; Miley has dedicated a significant part of her resources to the prevention of this charade.


Shia LaBeouf got his inspiration to engage in more philanthropic activities when he began working with fellow actor, Brad Pitt on the movie set “Fury”. He has become an advocate for breast cancer. He was able to gain more attention for his tights and they were auctioned for $10,000 to support breast cancer.


Kanye is a supporter of different charities like the Habitat For Humanity, The Red Cross, and Live 8. The rapper recently donated the sum of $133,000 to a youth organization which he was a co-founder. His organization, Donda’s House offers impoverished kids with inspiration and direction through their creative writing, recording, producing and health education courses.


One celebrity who has continuously shown his affectionate side to the world is Justin Bieber. He has contributed significantly to charitable causes over the years. Recently, Justin and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” surprised a school in Detroit. They contributed about $500,000 to the ramshackle education center.


Charlie Sheen was a strong advocate of various HIV charities before he was diagnosed as HIV positive. He supported different charities such as Chrysalis, Race to Erase MS, and Lili Claire Foundation. Charlie promised to offer a million dollars to a US military charity. This act remains one of the sincere actions focused on stimulating positive change for the citizenry.