So many amazing places to visit on this world and such little time, if you have been recently wondering where the top 25 places to visit are before you die then look no further! We have compiled the ultimate bucket list of breath taking locations from around planet earth to blow your mind.

25. Iguassu Falls (Argentina)

Iguassu Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This amazing place can be found between the Brazil and Argentina border as it is the boundary area of Misiones and Parana. On first sighting the 275 falls of Iguassu, any sane being is bound to wow and appreciate its magnificence. In case you care to know, the tallest of the falls is known as the Devil’s Throat.

24. Dead Sea (Palestine)

The Dead Sea can be found between Palestine, Jordan, and Israel. It is the saltiest lake in the world. During the hot summer, it is one of the most cherished places for tourists. One of the amazingness of the Dead Sea is that no life can survive in the sea as the salt concentration is extremely high but the healing attribute of its water is beyond human imagination.

23. Machu Picchu (Peru)

Perhaps, you care to see the UFO one time in your life, the most probable location is above this “Old Mountain”. Apart from this, the place used to be a naturally concealed place until recently. History has it that, Chief Inca Pachacutec used to rest in his residence which is located on the Machu Picchu mountain.

22. Jeita Grotto (Lebanon)

Jeitta Grotto is a natural temple that is located in Jeita near Beirut. Naturally carved with stones, any viewer is bound to be amazed by its alien-like structure. In the temple is the World’s longest stalactite which is about 120 meters in length. At Jeita Grotto, you are meant to be astounded by the uniqueness of nature.

21. Komodo National Park (Indonesia)

Have you ever seen a Komodo dragon and you care to see one? Then Komodo National Park is your destination. This is where the Komodo dragons dwell. They are wonderful and pleasing creatures to the eye.

20. Yellowstone Park (United States)

Yellowstone is regarded as the oldest National Park in the world with fascinating views to behold. One of the major views in the park is the Old-aged hot spring that exudes amazingness as its steam fly into the tallest heights. You can also consider holding a picnic while at the park as there are various slopes with beautiful views.

19. Puerto Princesa’s Underground River (Philippines)

This is a supreme place that beholds absolute magnificence of nature. Sometimes, considered as mystical, the Puerto Princesa’s river is the second largest subterranean river in the world. Its turquoise colored water is one of a kind. Most tourists consider it as the greatest zone of a visit during the summer.

18. Yu Shan (Taiwan)

This place is popularly known as The Jade Mountain. It is particularly well-known for the presence of varieties of flora and fauna that it beholds. It is the tallest place in Taiwan, and unless to a blind person, it is a center of tourist attraction.

17. Black Forest (Germany)

The Black Forest is one of the popular wonders of planet Earth. At first sight, any visitor is bound to conclude that it is the most discomfited location in the world. But then, the Black Forest is a place of rest. It is where you can enjoy the popular German cuisine and their meals. In addition, sample a taste of the Black Forest cake.

16. Moher Cliffs (Ireland)

In Ireland, the best location to relax and enjoy a perfect view of the world is the Moher Cliffs. It is 8km wide and 120 meters altitude above the Atlantic Ocean. The fresh air and the ocean view will make you forget your deepest pain in a matter of seconds.

15. Swiss Alps (Switzerland)

You are right to call this place “the Earth’s paradise”. It is totally breath-taking in beauty and elegance. It is also the perfect location for all ice skaters. In addition, Switzerland generates its main source of tourist revenue from its Alps.

14. Mount Vesuvius (Italy)


As far back as the first century, the Mount Vesuvius has been well-known for its beauty. Based on history, the Mount Vesuvius erupted in the year 79 AD and submerged the city and dwellers of Pompeii. Currently, one can see the immortalized body remain of Pompeii people on its stones.

13. Pisa Tower (Italy)

The Bell Tower Cathedral of Pisa is built in 1173 and it boasts of 55metres in height. It is one of the famous tourist centers in the world. It is one of the most recognized emblems of Italy too, and eating pizza at the spot is just synonymous to its name. it is tilting gradually as its lies at 4 degrees angle of inclination.

12. Eiffel Tower (France)

The symbol of France is the Eiffel Tower as it is the emblematic icon of Paris – the city of scents. Right at the front shore of the Seine River is the tower situated. It is a much-desired location for many lovers and couples. It is always inspiring to lovers with the creative work of art that embellish its magnificence.

11. Big Ben (United Kingdom)

As the Eiffel Tower is iconic to France so is the Big Ben is emblematic to London – the famous capital of UK. Overlooking the Westminster Palace of London, it is simply a clock tower with a class as it is the worlds largest 4-sided clock. Every visitor to the tower is bound to fancy a selfie with the famous tower.

10. Easter Island (Chile)

Easter Island is another emblematic icon – the icon of Chile. If you visit Chile without checking the Easter Island, then consider your journey as unfulfilled. Easter Island is too unique to ignore as it contains many amazing attractions including the different animal and plant forms. While at the Easter Island, do well to ask for the Stone Giants, it is believed to be created by Martians.

09. Panama Canal (Panama)

If your thought is to visit the biggest tourist attraction center, then Panama Canal is your destination. Presently, Panama Canal is one of the most popular sea routes in the world. If you wish to be an engineer, then, you will find a lot of inspiration in the canal as it is truly the biggest accomplishment in the field of engineering.

08. Cartagena (Colombia)

Cartagena is the most beautiful city on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The structural design of the city and the hospitality of its dwellers will melt your heart. Believe it or not, their women are angelic too.

07. Angel Falls (Venezuela)

The Kerepakupai Vena as popularly called by the indigenous people of this place is the World’s tallest falls. The falls boast an astounding height of 979metres. It has been declared as the Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in the year 1962. Angel Falls is one the most preferred natural destinations by tourist throughout the world.

06. Great Reef River (Australia)

If you are a lover of diving or surfing, then pack your things and visit the Great Reef River in Australia. Most of the Eco-tourists in the world consider this place as their perfect spot. And in addition, it is one of the seven Natural Wonders of the world. The river covers up to 2000km of land and is located at the east coast of Queensland.

05. Hawaii (United States)

The combination of the volcanic island and the beaches of Hawaii serve as the ideal place for travelers throughout the world. In fact, it is the most likely tourist center of USA occupants because it is the perfect place for surfing. While on your exploration trip, don’t miss out on Hawaii.

04. Ibiza (Spain)

Beyond imagination is the beauty of beaches at the Ibiza Island, it covers 210 kilometers and has an astonishing diverse form of fauna and flora. Apart from this, many tourists never fail to visit the place because of the presence of various nightclubs and parties on the Island.

03. Miami (United States)

If you want a free and pleasurable life, kindly visit Miami. It is popularly known for woman and beaches. This spick-and-span city is considered as the 3rd neatest city in the world and is located in the south of US. In the world, Miami is one of the most vital economic havens.

02. Maldives (Maldives)

The Maldives consists of 1200 island and with elegant women that deserve a second glance. The country enjoys a large immigration of tourists as Italians have made it their most cherished vacation spot. The colorful and warm waters will make you feel like staying a little longer than planned.

01. Nassau (Bahamas)

Nassau has become the ultimate country of tourism in recent years due to the more beautiful beaches that it possesses than those at the Maldives. In fact, it is considered as a perfect movie location by many Hollywood directors to shoot movies. For this reason, it has become home for many Hollywood stars.