A picture is worth more than a thousand words according to a popular adage. Nevertheless, the images that leave you speechless usually need to contain some crucial components. Having a smartphone or a professional camera can be a great start. The experience, composure and technical prowess of an expert photographer would be an additional bonus. A camera-friendly subject and striking scenery will be an incredible feat. Other ingredients in pictures that make the spectators speechless also include perfect timing as well as coincidence and being in the right place at the right time. This write-up contains a collection of fifteen photos which have the aforementioned elements and is certain to take your breath away.

Bummer Cat

If you have seen someone who has ever lived with a cat, they will inform you that nobody can lay claim to a full ownership of a feline. These cat owners will tell you that cats have a habit of poke nosing into the affairs of other people. The popular saying “Curiosity kills the cat” has held sway for a long time. Every cat wants to be recognized and admired. Cats want to create their friendships with human beings. Social interaction begins with a good butt sniff in the world of cats. This unconnected dude on the television shows the same reaction we get when an ignorant cat creeps up to an unwary human to begin a friendly relationship.

Training Wheels

This biker needs to get his training wheels act together as well as his helmet. He is such a valiant biker whose aim is to excite the ladies with amusing skills such as bike acrobatics and stunts. His landing had gone awry as the axis of the bike’s front wheel has broken off. Destined to fall down, we are pretty sure that he will not be happy with his decision not to use his helmet and safety gear. We also hope that his battered pride will relieve his landing.

Strike a Pose!

This is a perfect reason why you should not pay much attention to teenage parties irrespective of the occasion. Teens have a reputation for ruining things as they are living up to their age. This picture shows a teenager that thought she is posing for a photograph with a bunch of suitors. It seems these folks are having excessive fun at the hangout and laughing heartily. We are not sure if one of the boys in the image tippled over the beer by coincidence or having a great laugh which is considered timely. Without mincing words, the image timing is incredibly beyond price.

Eye on The Ball

Let’s discuss the case of being blindsided by a curveball. The girl in this image might not have an idea that the ball is coming towards her direction, we are sure that the speechless expression in this setting was the perfect sight recorded on the film. It will be interesting to catch a peep of the person who took the image shot as he noticed the ball was moving towards the jaw of the model.

Kissed by an Angel Shark

It is important for these ladies to take note of their handwriting when they are compiling their Christmas list. Maybe, the Father Christmas should make use of his reading glasses. We are certain that this is not perfect holiday they had initially planned. In this image, they are having a nice time swimming in the crystalline sea and an angel came closer for a shot. However, these shark breeds do not always attack people except on rare occasions where they are incited. This tourist image makes the cut for a surprising collection.

Background Back Flop

The teenager who ridiculously posed in the foreground of this image is not our center of focus here. The three ladies in the background of this picture standing right at the edge of the pool caught our attention. The curvy lady wearing white dress is our main focus as she is about to make a significant backflip into the swimming pool.

Walk on Water

During the spring break, you are bound to enjoy the parties, the booze, the music, and the fond memories. This image shows a man exhibiting supernatural abilities as he carries his woman in his arms as he made his way to the swimming pool, right over the water. Definitely not; the picture demonstrates a childlike hoax as both of them are about to move into the pool. We hope the mascara on the face of the lady is water-resistant and nobody urinates in the swimming pool.

Mirror Image

This image is an uncommon shot as dragonflies are one of the most beautiful insects as they come behind ladybirds and butterflies in ranking. We have a feeling that this specific dragonfly must have been hit by cupid and trying to come closer to its conceivable mate (Take a look at the tattooed picture of dragonfly). It is a fairy tale as it has a belief that the tattoo will turn to a real insect and be its lover. What a wishful thinking!

Way to Stand Out

Military parades are used to exhibit strength as rows of soldiers who share striking resemblance move in one accord with the exception of the dude in this image. He might be trying to be distinct by pulling an act of yawning. This is a clear sign that he has not been fully entrenched in the details of his military calling and there is a need for him to rethink his career options. There is a likelihood that the yawning could be as a result of the hangover from the party he had the previous night. Moreover, ladies often drool over men in uniform.

Fun in The Sand

This picture looks like a fresh shot from the modern-day version of Gulliver’s travels- especially his trip to Lilliput with its small-statured residents, but it is a funny concurrence of a child eating taco chips, without care under the sun. the crystalline waters and background décor are lovely sights for the eyes.

The Right Plane, at The Right Time

This advertisement board is a wonderful strategy to put the product in front of an audience and creatively meant for a time like this. If you are not an enthusiast of constant advertisements, you would definitely admire this outstanding ad.

Head Over Heels

Parents have a habit of monitoring their children. Most often, they are culpable of acting in an overprotective manner with noble intentions. This image shows a father looking at his son’s eyes by bending over him in a shielding manner. He is engrossed by his son that he is oblivious of the fact that their picture when viewed from outside can be somehow confusing.

Horsing Around

Several research reports have shown that the relationship between animal and human can be a symbiotic one. An animal enthusiast will inform you that the wonderful bond between animal and man can be only be compared with few things in this world. For instance, regal, well-behaved animals such as horses can be nice companions to play with!

On-The-Job-Sportscaster Selfie

This is an important message to the sportscasters. Make sure you focus on the ball when you are closer to the mobile sports equipment that is in use to avoid being hit on the head by the ball. This picture shows a pretty sportscaster taking a selfie that will be uploaded to the social media in a bid to celebrate her freedom from the news reporting room and basking on the field. However, this beautiful woman should be mindful of her environment.

Knock Out Pic

Boxing is a sport not meant for the weak and individuals who are not fit. This shot shows the boxing bout between two fighters exchanging blows, displaying a split second before the gloves touches the head of the boxer. This explicit image exhibit the full force released by the muscles of the athletes as they make moves to throw punches at each other. One of the words to best describe this scenario is Ouch!

Getting to Grips With Wrestling

To all food lovers, it is essential to remember that it is a real sport which entails taming your appetite for midnight snacks as there is a need for you to maintain a fit waistline. This picture shows that the wrestlers strive to have a better advantage over their rivals in this spot with their dexterity in styles such as grappling holds, pins, joint locks, takedowns, clinch fighting, and throws. We are not certain the precise moves that led to this quasi-strangling position in this image but there is no need to bother ourselves.

True Grit

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This is shot of a resolute diver who is trying his best to hit the water below at the right angle, thereby making the flawless form as he strikes the water with the barest flap. We wonder if diving into the pool with the feet won’t be an exciting idea. It is not stylish and tasking but it is a fun-filled adventure.

Flying Base Balls

If you feel like you are unlucky and not having the best of times, remember the person in this shot who is being hit in the lower body part by a baseball moving at a relatively high speed. The crumpled look on his face is glaring and the prowess of the photographer who took the shot at the right time must be commended as he look like someone who is about to hit another opponent below the belt.

Eye Ballin’

Fortunately for the guy in the picture, the white ball in focus is a ping pong ball and the impact on his face would not be much. However, being hit in the eye by a hovering item is not funny. We are amused with the perfect timing of the expert photographer who took the shot at the right time; he simply gave us a funny picture reminiscent of a cartoon shot which makes the ball to look like the eyeball of the player.

Simon Says Jump… High!

Can you remember the excitement of trying to sail through a high jump as a teen at the track? Can you also remember the number of times you got angry for dismantling the horizontal bar and failing to do the jumping? This athlete in the picture does not give a hoot. Her eyes are fixated on that bar and she is trying her best to ensure it crashes. Take a look at her scary face as she held on to the bar by sheer will.


Have you noticed that powerboats move at a faster pace when they are on the surface of the water? The driver in this image want to make the boat fly at an insanely pace and out of control. On a sad note, the powerboat lost control as it was affected by the current created by the waves and it threw the driver out thereby making a loud flap in front of a rambling boat.

Bromance on the Field

Team playing entails collaborating with your teammates in one accord. Without mincing words, some players also form a strong bond and become close allies. The person who took the shot filmed the awkward surname on the shirt of the other competing team offering the bromance a different meaning entirely.

Nosey Opponent

It is worrisome to have a rival blocking your entire moves and frustrating your attempts. For instance, while playing basketball with an opponent who is a hefty 7-foot tall disturbing your moves and doing everything humanly possible to ruin your style and prevent you from scoring. In this image, this player is having his fingers on the nose of his rival as he failed to stop him from scoring.

Kung Fu Riding

It is a common knowledge that the song is about Kung Fu Fighting. In this case, it is the opposite as the competitor dressed in blue have a superior feeling above his rival who is not as good as he is; this made him to ride his opponent like a horse. We will not go into the further details as we are not sure if the picture has concealed messages embedded in it.

Up Close and Personal on the Basketball Court

This image is all about an opponent who is overenthusiastic to get the ball and created a bad tackle in the process. The scary expression on the face of the shooter has a whole lot of meaning. He is disgusted at the unintentional licking of his bushy armpit. We hope the deodorant will come to his rescue here.

Foot-Groin Impact

This is a perfect example of the wrong tackle at the wrong time. It is a known fact that soccer is becoming a sport with intense competition and aggression. The picture above shows a severe, unplanned influence which is bound to create somber pain to the player wearing stripes who must have lifted himself to nod the ball.

For Love of the Game

Fair play is often prioritized in European soccer in recent times and the aim is to ensure the values of the game as well as maintaining a decent and straightforward competitive spirit are upheld. These players in the picture have given fair play a new meaning.

h3>Hitting the Wrong Balls

Most sporting activities that demand an advanced level of physical deftness can cause horrible injuries to the body. In this case, the game of basketball was converted into soccer as one player inadvertently in the groin region. With the expression on the face of the player who got the kick, he is not in the best mood.

h3>Striking a Pose, Not the Ball!

The title of this picture is the only glaring scenario playing out here. The clueless volleyball player was expecting the ball to drop into her hands already stretched out. It seems she has forgotten a crucial rule of the game that states that the ball’s flight must be duly followed.

h3>Piggyback Soccer

Popular Manchester United legendary player, Rio Ferdinand got himself in a prostrating position over a ball, as his rival appears resolute about getting a piggyback ride out of the scenario. We are not sure if these players could not differentiate between playing European soccer or American football, but it does not remove the excitement in the picture.

h3>Batting for the Audience

Most often, the ball is thrown at the audience. It is unsurprising that most spectators at a baseball game are trying to avoid the bat thrown in their direction. Sadly, the bat hit one of them, and there is no doubt that it is painful and we are quite sure that he will have some bruises on that chin.

h3>Clowning Around

Here is a funny and timely image where the table tennis player is recorded as she was about to hit the ball, which seems to be sitting on her nose as the nose of a clown, which is white.