There are some moments in history that are just etched into our minds, many of which changed and shocked the world forever.
Here we have a selection of images that will haunt you taken just before something terrible and shocking took place.


Seth Mead had come across sharks before while surfing and managed to make a hasty retreat before any damage could be done. One day while resting on his board waiting for a suitable wave a shark lunged up and took a chunk out of his leg.
Fortunately this shark did not choose to shake and rip at Seth’s leg and probably gave him what was a playful nip in shark trms but incredibly painful for humans. Seth escaped with rather nasty flesh wound.


One day while visiting a zoo in New Delhi India a man decided to get a closer look at a rare white tiger in captivity there. Bizarrely he climbed up on the enclosure to get a better look despite being warned not to do so. He lost his balance and slipped into the enclosure. The tiger kept him cornered for 15 minutes before eventually pouncing and killing the man despite the zoo keepers best efforts to distract the animal.


Snake Charmer has to be up there as being one occupation to avoid. Ali Khan Samsudin made a good living putting on performances with Cobras including one stunt where he locked himself in a room with 400 cobras for 40 days which was a huge gamble to get a bonus. Unfortunately Ali Khan Samsudin’s luck ran out eventually and one of the cobras attacked in 2006 killing him dead.


You may have seen the tragic documentary called Black Fish, this is about a killer whale called Tilikum based at Sea World. In Feb 2010 Tilikum jumped out of the water and dragged Dawn Brancheau by her pony tail into the water and would not let go. The attack happened in front of a crowd of bystanders at the event.
Tilikum was also involved in the death of two other trainers and a third who thankfully managed to escape while being dragged underwater by the ankle.


You are kind of asking for trouble if you think it is ok to jump into a polar bear enclosure. This is exactly what a crazy lady decided to do in a German zoo. Initially she was elated at being in the company of the bears however this mood soon changed as she was bitten on the arm and neck before being hauled out by horrified zoo keepers and then rush to hospital.


in 2016 a small boy crawled into the enclosure of Harambe the gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo. Zoo keepers were quick to act and shot the gorilla dead before any harm could be done to the small boy. There was understandably a public outcry over the death as the gorilla had not done any harm to the boy before being killed.


Having a full blown argument with your partner is probably not the wisest thing to do, neither is getting out of the car to remonstrate with your other half with tigers just a few meters away. This is exactly what happened in Badaling Wildlife Park in China.
The tigers were not too happy about her being in their territory and soon set about her. Two other passengers in the car tried to intervene with one also being killed at the scene and the other hospitalised.


Elio Canestri was a 13 year old surfing champion. He went on holiday to the French island of Reunion. He was unaware that he was surfing in an area classed as being off limits by the locals due to its dangers whch included monster waves and sharks. While surfing Elio was bitten in the stomach by a shark. Several witnesses saw the attack which due to its ferocity left then needing to be treated for trauma.


This picture shows the entire USA figure skating team about to depart to the World Figure Skating Championships in Prague. The Boeig 707 crashed during the New York to Belgium part of the journey which killed 73 people and the entire generation of the US figure skating team.


Siegfried and Roy were possibly the most high profile act in Vegas, they were famed for working with dangerous animals as part of their performance. During one act Roy Horn was mauled by a white tiger leaving him partially paralyzed by the attack. He successfully protested at the plans to destroy the tiger arguing that it was ill and it was not its fault that it behaved in that way. The tiger survived but the magic act did not. That’s was their last vegas performance.


David Sanders was the hero of the 1999 school massacre that took place in Columbine, Colorado. He rushed to a packed cafeteria where many of the students were to warn them that two gunmen were on the loose. This enabled many to make an escape. Tragically while he ran to warn others in the hallway he was himself gunned down. The photo shows him leaving the café area after issuing his warning.


Possibly the biggest loss to the music world was from the assassination of John Lennon on December 8th 1980 at the age of just 40. He was shot in the back 4 times by a crazed fan as he returned to his apartment. The killer was Mark David Chapman who Lennon had met earlier that day and signed an autograph for Chapman.
This is the photo of John Lennon signing an album for Chapman earlier that day.


Ebola may well be back in the headlines in recent years but it was actually first identified in 1976 with two outbreaks at the same tme in different locations. One was in Nzara, Sudan and the other in Yambuku, Congo a village near the Ebola River from which the disease takes its name. 280 people died in 1976, here you can see a nurse named Mayinga N’Seka who had been fighting the virus days before it tragically took her life.
Ebola causes loss of fluids, internal and external bleeding and vomiting. Treatments are far more readily available now however outbreaks of the virus still do occur.


Domestic terrorists Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols carried out a bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City in 1995. They killed 168 people. They were ex military and had a hatred for the government. Their weapon was a rental truck carried full of explosives which they drove to their destination and then detonated. This is the surveillance footage taken shortly before the explosion.
This was the deadliest domestic terrorist incident to occur in the United States until 9/11


The Hindenburg Airship crash was a massive air disaster at the time as it flew from Germany to New Jersey, USA. It caught fire and as a result crashed killing 36 people. Airship LZ 129 Hindenburg was trying to dock with a mast when it caught flame and plummeted toward the ground.
This effectively destroyed public confidence in this form of transport and ended the demand for such ships.


One of the most controversial yet gifted formula One drivers was Ayrton Senna. He was known for his huge rivalries and bust ups with fellow drivers until his death in 1994. His life was cut short during the Monaco grand Prix which he was leading at the time. His car slammed into a cement barrier fatally killing the driver.
This photo shows Senna in the cockpit of his car shortly prior to the race commencing


Robert Budd Dwyer was a Treasurer of Pennsylvania from 1981 until 1987. During that period, the state he represented discovered its state workers had overpaid federal taxes due to errors in state withholding. Several accounting firms competed for a multimillion-dollar contract in order to determine the compensation each employee was due.
In 1986, Dwyer was convicted of accepting a bribe from the firm that ultimately won the contract and was going to be sentenced for this despite maintaining his innocence throughout the trial. The day prior to his sentencing, Dwyer called a press conference. It was here that he then produced a revolver and took his own life in front of the TV camera’s who would broadcast his death across the state. This photo shows him warning others to stand back prior to him firing onto himself.


A scenic hot air balloon ride over New Zealand is most peoples dream on a fine summers afternoon. On January 7th, 2012 in New Zealand the trip didn’t go as planned. Tragically, the balloon came in contact with a series of high voltage power lines which killed all 11 people that had been on board.
Two passengers died after making the split decision to jump from the balloon, the other 9 stayed and died due to the impact of the crash. The toxicology report later found that the pilot had tested positive for THC.


Walker 40 was the face of the Fast And Furious Franchise. This is the last picture of him in his Porsche with friend Roger Roads before the car fatally impacted with a pole and tree just moments later.
The car was thought to be going 94 MPH which was over twice the national speed limit. However, a successful lawsuit, filed by Paul’s daughter Meadow Walker challeneged those claims, and instead, it was ruled that the car lacked “the safety features” necessary for a vehicle of its speed, resulting in an undisclosed compensation payout.


Talented yet troubled singer Amy Winehouse was an accident waiting to happen to many who observed her career as the 27-year-old just couldn’t control her drug addiction and had bad influences from those closest to her. She tragically died in her London home after drinking over five times the legal drink-drive limit.
In this photo the late star looked in better health, looking less gaunt than past photos, but by this stage in her life it was widely recognised that she was not getting the help she needed to eat her battle with drugs and alcohol.


Possibly one of the most publicised tragedies in the world, the sinking of the titanic became a symbol of the end of the British Empire. 1503 lives were taken when the ship collided with an iceberg 4 days after departing Southampton harbour.
This is though to be one of the final and chilling photos taken of one of the greatest tragedies in history.


President John F. Kennedy (JFK) was a popular, if divisive, figure in American politics and had climbed to the highest office off the back of his policies of reform and his undoubted charm. On November 22, 1963, the President and his wife sat in an open-top car driving through Dallas, Texas as part of a motorcade, where the President was fatally shot at by Lee Harvey Oswald from a school book depository window.
The president was Killed by the bullet, this is the last known picture of JFK alive and it was the last time a president of the United States would travel in an open top car.


Sharon Tate was Married to the film director Roman Polanski and waspregnant with his child. Tate was living the dream and appeared destined to continue living it for years to come until Charles Manson directed his “family” of followers to kill her.
The late serial killer was actually indirectly responsible for the death of seven people, this included the eight-month pregnant actress Sharon Tate. Although Manson did not actually commit the killings, he was held accountable for instructing the murders, which were carried out by Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkle and Leslie Van Houten.
Manson’s aim was to start a race war between African Americans and white people by murdering residents in the affluent, predominately white suburbs of L.A. and then blaming the killings on members of the black community.
The 83-year-old eventually served over 40 years in jail before his death in a hospital in Bakersfield, California.