Let’s accept the fact that Jimmy Kimmel and Michael Strahan enjoys so much love when it comes to men of the Hollywood, perhaps due to their funny and relatable nature. But the same cannot be said for others, who are either hated by their coworkers or their fans, or both, for some reasons (very unusual in some cases). No one has the power to make everyone like them every time, but some actors in Hollywood have managed to capture the hearts of many, which is normal. On the other hand, there are others that cannot manage to hold down the reputation of likable men, no matter how hard they try (for those who try to, anyway). In this post, you will find which of these men fall into the Hollywood world and are most often hated in their circles.

#1 Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix made a quick switch from being a movie star into being a rapper. The decision was shocking but more shocking was his follow-up actions after he quit the movies. He started donning dark glasses and a crazy long beard while acting weird most of the times. As his change of career, he had a change in attitude as well, and this made his fans have a change of mind about him too. They even become more disinterested when he came out with the news of doing a live sort of art project and that the whole stunt of career-switch was false. People felt manipulated and thus were angry.

#2 Jonah Hill

Hill is funny, no doubt. He makes people laugh as much as possible. But even at that, he does not get the kind of reception you would expect for a comic actor. The two-time nominee for Academy Award has been widely regarded as “changed” by his circle of friends. Reporters claim he is always unwilling to answer their questions. Others even said he is always close to anger and hate, such that he does not treat people well in the industry circles he runs. All these have contributed to a dip in the reputation of Jonah Hill.

#3 Ben Affleck

Perhaps Affleck’s hate came after his announcement as the new Batman; no other logical explanation for that. Most viewers kicked against the decision – they had concluded in their mind that he would never be good enough for such role. Thus he lost a lot of fans. It is a disturbing scenario because the movie has not even started – it has not been filmed or released – and people already hate on him as such. It is a rather unfortunate situation for Affleck.

#4 Keanu Reeves

The reason for Reeves’ hatred is not very clear. There was a subject of a meme that made him out to be sad, which was the beginning of a seriously tensed situation – this was it for some people. They believed his anger and hatred were due to his inability to land roles in top movies over a long time. Others felt that he was just a jerk – without having a serious reason for feeling that way.

#5 Charlie Sheen

The breakdown of Sheen, which made him look like a jerk, was arguably the real reason why people do not entirely like him. They felt he was irresponsible, ignoring the fact that he has kids and going on to lead a promiscuous life. Ideally, everybody was expecting Sheen to be a role model for his children, but allegations of spousal abuse with the last of his ex-wives even made matters worse. Overall, Sheen is really hated.

#6 Adam Sandler

For someone who is as hilarious like Sandler, you would be surprised to find him on this list. He is also a type of man that could use the same people in every movie and still make the movie a hit. Sandler is responsible for so many laughs and with him, there is never a dull or boring movie. Let’s just say that he is not liked that much because people got bored with his comedic routine that has gone on for too long. Perhaps they were expecting more or new, and Sandler is not getting that message, at least not yet.

#7 Seth Rogen

The debates on Rogen not being a good actor, and being a center of attention, has been ongoing for a while. This could be the reason why he made this list – folks believe he does nothing worthwhile and he became popular only when he found a favorite character that worked for him quite well. Rogen had gone on to use that same character in all his movies. But who would blame Rogen? No one wants to change a winning formula.

#8 Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith making this list is a bit of mixed feelings. He once had an interview with his sister, where he said things that most people did not understand or believe in. Since then, people stopped trying to understand him, and instead began to care for him. A considerable number of his fans decided that they were not going to burden him with so many expectations. This decision is not new or untypical, and it is not enough reason to dislike him. But that is where we are with Smith.

#9 Shila LeBouf

For a long time, LeBouf was always a good kid in good, wholesome movies. Though people enjoyed his laudable characters – so well that they got used to it, but when he began to delve into the questionable characters of the Hollywood industry, people began to lose interest in him. Then came his legal troubles, his inconsistent behavior and the last of them is the questionable characters he had been exhibiting in every aspect of his life. All these made his fans grew tired and obviously reduced their likeness for him.

#10 James Franco

Franco is educated, multi-talented and a great actor. Thus, it is amazing that his persona tends to turn people off instead of bringing them to like him even more. He was once photographed while fast asleep in one of his high-profile classes. This made people angry, and they wondered how a sleeping student turned out to be a good college student. They began to dislike him based on assumptions that he only made his way through classes by bribing or paying people.

#11 Justin Bieber

Perhaps the wrong turn Bieber took as a boy is a reason he made this list. The Biebs recent decisions have not really improved the situation, and Beiber is not that star boy everybody is happy with currently. Some adults are of the opinion that he is not living up to expectations as a role model for their children. Hence they are angry at him. Kids, on the other hand, are hinging on his bad outing with Selena Gomez as the reason why they are mad at him. Funny, yeah? We believe this is not a case that will last forever.

#12 Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s altercation with his then-girlfriend, Rihanna, was the major reason why people are a bit unhappy with the musical star. He was said to have abused and hit the musical goddess several times. Even after then, Chris Brown had not turned a new leaf as regards behavior, and thus lower people’s expectation of him. The reduced expectations sure have its own adverse effects, and Brown is definitely feeling them now.

#13 Tiger Woods

It has been a while since Woods came out of his indiscretions, but it is not enough time for some people to overlook the whole situation. Some are still mad at him, and this has caused a huge dip in his popularity. Woods is not winning like he used to and this has been linked to the personal decisions he had made which have dented his reputation. Though this is a possibility, because the kind of decisions Woods made then are the type that could make people lose their respect for you.

#14 Tom Brady

The kind of hatred people have for Brady currently is the obvious type. A star of the renowned deflate-gate, and also a popular quarterback who is good at what he does, Brady got married to Gisele Bundchen. In the past, Bundchen had made comments about the overwhelming talent of Brady and how this has induced jealousness from all quarters, which had made it almost impossible for people to like him. In addition to that, Brady also had a recent scandal, which obviously is enough reason for several people to get mad at him. However, it is not entirely impossible that Brady regains the reputation of a popular and well-loved superstar that he once was.

#15 Michael Vick

Understandably, people are mad at Vick, even though he is one of the most famous men in the world. The other time, he was accused and sentenced for running a big dog-fighting operation. People did not find this okay – the act was apparently inhumane, especially for people who have a thing or two for dogs. Such anger and condemnation from his fans mean his talents are no more in demand – resulting in some sort of waste. And even years later, people are still not happy with Vick.

#16 Barack Obama

Obama is definitely not an actor or a Hollywood superstar, but he is still a famous personality that people still sort of hate. Popularly referred to as one of the most controversial Presidents the United States has had, Obama is unpopular for his lack of work ethic, incessant vacations, his love for golf games and lastly, his political etiquette. It is funny how people could withdraw, or not show at all, the kind of respect a President of the United States commands.

#17 Val Kilmer

The first objectionable thing about Kilmer is the accusation that he is impossible to work with. This has taken away a considerable amount of his popularity in the Hollywood circles he runs. He has been referred to as “a nightmare” by other celebrities, reporters, directors, and producers he had worked with, with a further explanation of his lack of respect for others. As expected, his fans are in the dark about this, because they do not share a personal relationship with the star. Those kinds of consistent gossip, however, can be highly impacting on the opinions of outsiders on Hollywood stars, including Kilmer.

#18 Mike Myers

Several people in the Hollywood have reportedly called Myers a jerk, a high-maintenance control freak who is always after an impossible perfection. Furthermore, he has been labeled “demanding and rude.” Rumors have also filtered in as regards people having difficulties working with him. All these had led to a significant dip in his reputation, from some quarters. Some individuals, however, believe his excellent craft and talent outweighs his attitude, and thus finds him worthy of working with. We are with this set of individuals. Why? Myers is definitely good at what he does – he is very hilarious.

#19 Tom Cruise

It is a mix of love and hatred for Cruise. The hatred comes from his conviction in Scientology and the kind of belief he practices. Most people see it as a cult – which is not a problem for us, so far he is not getting anyone else hurt. But when the rumors of his maltreatment of Katie Holmes came to the fore – about making her a prisoner in the marriage – as well as several other negative rumors from his inner circle, the reputation of Tom Cruise significantly dropped, and this has not been good for the star.

#20 Kanye West

People love to hate Kanye West; it is as simple as that. The outspoken star has been tagged, most of the times, as a jerk, who is always full of himself. These opinions have not change the fact that West is a musical genius who has been able to carve a niche for himself in the industry. Forget the facts that he once snatched a microphone from an award winner to protest their emergence, or he posted naked pictures of his wife on more than one occasion, Kanye West is a successful musician. His success, however, does not remove the massive hatred people still has for him.