The Hollywood’s reputation of being, arguably, the best movie industry in the world is not only a result of the great movies and TV series it delivers but also the excellent actors, actresses, musicians and important personalities, who have used the platform to entertain the world.

Undoubtedly, there is fame, glitz, and glamor in this line of business, but there is also an enormous demand on the path of the stakeholders, with the need to maintain their youthfulness, grace, and elegance. While some have been able to keep up with such demands, others haven’t. In this piece, we have identified the top celebrities who, perhaps due to age or stress, have lost their irresistible looks. Read on!

Donatella Versace

When Versace said; “there is time to slow down, after you’re dead,” most thought the actress was only positive about life. But she has applied the over-ambitiousness portrayed in her words to her life in reality. Versace was once known for her captivating figure and look, but she now looks opposite of all that.

Perhaps, Versace’s dip in appearance is a result of her ‘over-doing,’ but many people find it as shock and sharp, seeing the amount of beauty and luscious curves she has lost. Though in her 70s, Versace’s one-time beauty has been stolen by enormous amounts of booze and partying.

Lindsay Lohan

For someone aged 29, Lohan is not any close to anyone of that age in appearance. With a career crushed by a DUI case that ended up getting her sentenced, she is now a shadow of her once fresh, young and hot star look.

The reasons behind such negative transformations are not farfetched. She is well known for her unhealthy lifestyle including extensive liquor and illegal drugs. She once admitted to Oprah, in an interview after her rehab, that she was a strong addict of cocaine and Adderall.

These addictions has turned Lohan into one of the worst examples of terrible aging. If she continues this way, her career will eventually be destroyed, or the useful part of it that still remains.

Goldie Hawn

Her 1967 Emmy Award for ‘Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In’ – her pioneer comedy show – was the beginning of fame for Goldie Hawn. After over 50 years, the beauty we once saw is definitely not there anymore. She now looks old, and a shadow of the once-elegant actress that stole the heart of many men.

Goldie is old, but her disturbing looks is not entirely unconnected to a jawline procedure she had. The plastic surgery didn’t fulfill the expected objectives, and it turned out bad. In spite of this, her early start to life will be remembered for years to come – she made a lot of people laugh for years.

Brigitte Bardot

For someone who was a real sex model in the 50s, Brigitte did not age well judging by her current late 70s looks. Her beauty and curves are nowhere to be found, all thanks to the excessive partying, and of course, alcohol. This unhealthy lifestyle is a beauty killer and also a dream killer. Brigitte, however, left a legacy. She would be remembered by many for her early life and her contributions as an animal rights activists.

To know more about her life, you can pick up her biography – “Brigitte Bardot: The Life, The Legend, The Films.”

Meg Ryan

Everybody loved Meg for her giant strides during her prime time; she starred in several films of different genres, including comedy and romance. Those times, she was the ideal girlfriend every bachelor would love to have. Is it the flawless curves, golden locks or perfect curves? Meg indeed spotted several attributes that could turn any guy’s head. Regrettably, all these good things are not there anymore. Meg had a couple of treatments and plastic surgeries to enhance her already good looks. The story did not turn out as scripted, and she came out even terrible and ugly after these treatments.

She now has an entirely different look – one that appears too old and full of fine lines and odd muscles.

Elsa Patton

Elsa’s decision to go under the knife for the sake of beauty turned out to be her biggest undoing. Her face turned out disastrous and odd. She later conceded to taking aesthetic treatments like liposuction, facelift and many Botox injections, though most people believe there is more to her confession.

A quick comparison between her ‘before treatment’ pictures and ‘after treatment’ is enough evidence for her now terrible looks. With each procedure, her skin gets even worse, and she becomes more horrible. Her skin just cannot handle the treatments, not anymore.


To discover that there is still a considerable number of people following Madonna, even with her terrible looks, is a little bit surprising. Even in her 50s, she still sells albums and commands significant respect. A first look at Madonna is probably not enough to sense anything off, but on close observation, you would see that her feet and hands are a little bit awkward.

The last time she was seen without her trademark gloves, people were bewildered about her veins, which shows that she is aging. It is a widespread assertion that the hands of women age faster if exposed to cold water or hot water after a workout, or even after taking a shower or visiting a sauna. Perhaps, this is responsible for her inability to hide her age if she stops wearing gloves.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie suffered a failed second marriage with Steven Bauer in the 80s, and many people have identified this as the reason behind her alcohol and cocaine addiction. She later went into rehab to control her addictions and got back together with her husband, Steven Bauer, a year later, and gave birth to Dakota Johnson in 1989.

Five years after their daughter was born, their marriage went south again, but this time around she didn’t go back to drugs. Rather, she moved on with Antonio Banderas, her third husband. Melanie found herself in rehab again in 2000 due to painkillers. Luckily for her, her husband stood by her in those turbulent times.

She now lives a healthy lifestyle and exercises daily as well as yoga. The effect of her past experiences with substances is still evident on her. And she has an appearance of someone far above her 50 years of age.

Rachael Zoe

Rachel, as an A-list fashion stylist, has had collaborations with popular stars like Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, and Jenifer Lawrence among others. She changed adversely with time, perhaps due to the stress of the job or the busy schedule. She now appears skinny, resulting in a protruding collarbone.

Rachel has an impressive taste for outfits. She only needs to work on prioritizing her appearance better. Her appearance clearly suggests she is way older than a little above 40. She needs rest and a healthier and balanced diet. While these changes will not make her young again, it will certainly make her look better than she currently does.

The line of her job requires her to be a role model to her clients as well as other people that look up to her.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson earned the status of a sex symbol right from the 90s. Fast forward to her 40s and the former Playboy Magazine’s favorite model is now a shadow of her former self. This is probably caused by her overexposure to the sun while shooting the movie – ‘Baywatch.’ It could also be a result of the too much stress and makeups she had to go through to stay beautiful, and the extensive partying also.

Pamela is proud of the fact that she is getting old, and the fact that her aging process is not a result of a Botox-treatment. That’s a relief, considering every celebrity in her class has undergone such at some phases of their career.

Mike Rourke

Mike Rourke was the dream of every young lady in his prime. Unfortunately, he is in his early 60s and does not have the magic anymore. This might be a result of his career, being a professional boxer. Another thing that might have contributed to his now deteriorated looks is the several plastic surgeries he had undergone, in a bid to fix the mess caused by his many fights.

Maybe he went to the wrong guy, but one thing is sure, these procedures did more harm than good. Even with this shortcoming, no one can overlook his fantastic career and the fact that he has starred in top movies, including ‘The Expendables,’ ‘Iron Man II,’ ‘Sin City,’ and ‘The Wrestlers.’

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy came into limelight in the 1970s and was able to conveniently combine being a vocalist, songwriter, and a reality TV star, and excelling in all three. Perhaps you are wondering how he ends up on this list; the reason is not far-fetched. Like most other celebrities here, Ozzy was involved in drugs and surgeries. From heroin to cannabis, cocaine and even LSD, growing up for Ozzy was rough and this had serious effects on him physically and mentally. This is evident in his current looks – with a face that clearly depicts excessive drinking and drugs.

Steven Tyler

Many would have expected Tyler to age quite well, but the opposite is the case. The lead singer of Aerosmith now has wild white hair coupled with unattractive wrinkles, announcing how old he has grown. Steven Tyler was known to be a lover of alcohols, even to the detriment of his health.

He even admitted to doing drugs, and he consumed more than what his body could hold. He did said he is better at doing drugs than at acting or music, and once collapsed while performing in Illinois around the 80s.

The addiction spread through to the entire band, and they had to undergo rehab together. Luckily for him, Tyler, after the rehab, became well and started living a healthier life.

Keith Richards

We understand looking like a 20-year-old, when you are actually 70 years of age, is practically impossible, and Keith Richards is definitely not an exception. However, the ‘The Rolling Stones’ guitarist has over-consumption of alcohol and drug abuse to blame for his terrible aging.

His forehead and neck are the most prominent spots on his lines-disfigured face. His hair is still thick, but that doesn’t overshadow how bad his eyes has become. With several eye bags under his eyes and wrinkled cheeks, the bony structure of Keith cannot be overemphasized.

Overall, he spots a ‘wear and tear’ skin – a perfect example of what alcohol and drugs can turn you into.

Macaulay Culkin

You remember the lively boy in the popular ‘Home Alone’ movies? Then you know Macaulay Culkin already. Now in his early 30s, Macaulay has grown to lack meat seriously. All you can see of him is his skin and bones. He does not only look older than he really is, but he also looks too skinny for anyone who is not malnourished.

This disturbing situation of his body has been attributed to his heroin addiction, which began with sharing a marijuana joint with friends some years back. His breakup with Mila Kunis has been mooted as a reason for this addiction. But in all, the abuse has gotten him bad; he is far from being healthy and fine.